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Miss Lunn

Welcome to Miss Lunn's Class Page!!


This term our topic is Heroes and Villians!


We will be looking at different cartoon heroes and villains and creating our own characters.

In Science we are learning about our body parts and our senses.

In History we are learning about Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell.

In Geography we are learning about the United Kingdom and the countries within it.




P.E is on a Thursday this term. Please ensure your child has all the kit needed.


Homework and spellings will both be set weekly on a Friday and is due back in on the following Thursday.

It is important the children complete homework and spelling to help develop their phonics understanding and help them practice skills that they have learnt that week. While supporting your child in their homework and spellings is greatly appreciated, please ensure that they are using their own phonics, sounding and ideas to do this to get the most out of it.

Our Behaviour System Explained


Our behaviour system works like a traffic light. Children start each day on the green circle.

If children do something amazing, they can move their name to the silver star frown. If their name is still here at the end of the day they are rewarded with either extra play time or stickers. You will also receive a small note to let you know they were on the star today.

If the children are doing something they shouldn't be, or require a warning for another reason they will be moved to the orange circle. They still have the chance to correct this and refocus to move their name back up.

This acts as a warning - children may work their way back from this by correcting the behaviour. 

If children continue their actions they will be moved to the red circle. This means they will lose 5 minutes of their golden time.


Any violent behaviour or inappropriate language means an immediate red

Incomplete homework or spellings also result in a loss of 5 minutes golden time - although the children's names do not move to red.

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