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If a child fails to gain a place at Seven Fields Primary parents have the right to appeal to an independent panel. 

Seven Fields Primary School as an academy has delegated the hearing of appeals to Swindon Borough Council. 

The appeals timetable will be published by 28th February and this website will be updated with the information before this date.

School Hours

If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below. 

Pre-School / Nursery Admissions



The Department for Education has changed the guidance on holidays in term time.  The amendments make clear that headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time, unless there are exceptional circumstances and that it is form Headteachers to decide what those exceptional circumstances are.  For example, where there has been a family bereavement*


Should a parent decide to take any leave of absence in term time, this will be unauthorised and a penalty notice may be issued.  From September 2013, penalty notices amount to £60 per parent, per child for unauthorised periods of absence and must be paid within 21 days or this will increase to £120 within 28 days.


Please put any requests for absence during term time, that are exceptional circumstances, in writing and drop the letter in at the School Office.


Regular and punctual attendance is vitally important to your child's education and progress.  We monitor attendance closely .


*Announcement from the DfE on 26th October 2014 in response to recent news items:


. Term-time holidays should only be granted in exceptional circumstances

. There is no plan at all to change the policy and no U-turn.

. Headteachers have always been able to decide what exceptional circumstances are.



Every Day Counts, click on the link to see how lost days add up !

Attendance 2017/2018

So far this school year attendance started low due to lots of bugs/coughs and illness as the new children start to mix with other class mates.  This is nice rising nicely and the whole school attendance is now 94% and continuing to improve.

We have been giving out certificates and stickers for improved attendance and rewarding classes with no absences with hot chocolate and marshmallows as a treat on Friday afternoon.  We have already had our attendance raffle at Christmas where 10 children won Toys R Us vouchers. Next will be our Easter attendance raffle where children with over 97% will have the chance to win family cinema vouchers.