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Aboriginal Stories - Tiddalick the Frog

Last week we read two versions of the Aboriginal story, What made Tiddalick the Frog laugh?

We wrote our own versions of the story, making slight changes such as the things the animals did to make Tiddalick laugh.

Here are some examples of the fantastic pieces of work produced:

Tiddalick the Frog

Many, many years ago there lived an enormous, dry frog called Tiddalick. He was very lucky because he lived in a billabong and it was a lot of running to the next source of water. One day he got so thirsty he drank all the water in the billabong. He was still thirsty so he drank all the water in the plains. The loss of water had the effect of a drought on the plains. The animals were anxious. They could die.

The old, wise parrot declared “to end this cataclysm we must make Tiddalick laugh.” The animals unenthusiastically agreed. The emus danced. One of them got so twisted up he fell down. Tiddalick didn’t laugh. The dingo told a joke “what do you call a snail on a ship? A snailor!” All the animals laughed. But Tiddalick didn’t laugh. The kangaroos jumped all over the place. One kangaroo fainted in mid-air and collapsed in a heap. But still Tiddalick did not laugh.

The animals knew that their world was over. It was the day of reckoning. Meanwhile, in a cave network stretching from east to west a snake-necked turtle was about to surface in the west.

‘Why are you trying to make me laugh?’ mumbled Tiddalick inaudibly. The animals were too scared to move let alone speak. “Well excuse me!!” shouted the snake-necked turtle. “Because of the shortage of water here, the east has also been sapped of unadulterated liquids too.” The turtle started to cry. “Please! Just open your mouth!” sobbed the turtle. He got so worked up his neck twisted into a knot. Then a phenomenon happened.Tiddalick laughed! All the animals cheered as every hole was swamped with water. The parrot flew up with newfound power and proclaimed “Praise the turtle!!!!”


By Lewis


What made Tiddalick the frog laugh?

Long, long ago in the dreamtime, lived a selfish, warty frog named Tiddalick. Tiddalick’s home was under a tall eucalyptus tree in the middle of the outback. The outback was home to many animals that drank from its waterhole.

That day, Tiddalick went for a short hop through the outback. During the hop Tiddalick collapsed on the sandy ground and murmured “I feel tremendously hot and dehydrated.” Tiddalick’s emerald green body was sweating constantly and Tiddalick was breathing heavily. He looked around and in the corner of his eye was a river! Tiddalick couldn’t believe his eyes! But approaching the river were some other animals. Tiddalick was furious and dashed over to the river and drank all of the water he could see. All the other animals watched in disgust. Tiddalick was then so, so thirsty that he drank all the rivers in the country and then collapsed on the floor again.

The wise old wombat then shouted in a gruff voice, “All animals except Tiddalick come over here!” And so they did! “We need to make Tiddalick laugh!”

“I will tell jokes,” said the Dingo.

”I will swim underwater and blow bubbles” said the Eel.

“I will do something persuasive to make Tiddalick give the precious water back” said the Tasmanian devil.

The Dingo stood in position in front of Tiddalick and said ” Why are kitchen cooks so mean? Because they batter the sausage and whip the cream!”

But not even a drop of water left Tiddalick’s mouth.

Next, it was the Eel’s turn. He started by blowing bubbles underwater then played dead underwater. But not even a drop of water left Tiddalick’s mouth.

Next it was the Koala’s turn. He did bollywood dancing on the rock with bamboo in his mouth. But not even a drop of water left Tiddalick’s mouth.

Then It was the Tasmanian devil’s turn and he stood boldly in front of Tiddalick and said “Tiddalick, Give the water back. Without it we will die!”

Tiddalick opened his mouth and grinned as he had never before seen such a funny looking creature. Suddenly a whole ocean of water came gushing out of his mouth and the whole billabong was happy again!

By Lauren



What Made Tiddalick Laugh?

Long, long ago in Sydney, Australia lived a giant frog called Tiddalick. Tiddalick lived under a Eucalyptus tree that shaded a huge, round billabong. The billabong was home to many animals. They loved to drink the pure, cold, fresh water.

Blazing brightly, the sun shinned down on Tiddalick’s smooth, green body making him even thirstier. Suddenly, Tiddalick got a funny feeling inside him saying his tummy needed water. So he went and drank some but he did not stop. Soon he had drunk the whole billabong. The animals were shocked when they saw their precious water was gone.

The next day the sun beamed through the like a golden golf ball falling through the sky. Coughing, the wise old wombat said “I have a plan meet me at the billabong at 1:00pm.” At 1:00pm all of the thirsty animals met at the dried up billabong. The wise, old wombat decided, “we must make Tiddalick laugh.” Puzzled, the animals thought to themselves what he meant. So they just did what they were told.

First to try and make Tiddalick laugh was the koala bears. They used their cute, furry claws to tickle him, but he did not smile, he did not grin and not one drop of water left his mouth.

Next was a wombat who told a joke. “What do you call a penguin’s school? Snow school!” But Tiddalick did not smile, he did not grin and not one drop of water left his mouth.

Next were the kangaroo’s that performed some acrobatics. But Tiddalick did not smile, he did not grin and not one drop of water left his mouth.

Next were the emus. They did a funny street dance, but because their legs were so long, they fell over. But Tiddalick did not smile, he did not grin and not one drop of water left his mouth.

Last but not least was the lonely cuscus. He didn’t try and make Tiddalick laugh unlike the other animals. Instead he begged for his habitat back. Tiddalick had never seen this animal before. Suddenly he began to smile. A drop of water fell from his mouth, then he grinned even more and more water fell. Then he laughed. An explosion of water left his mouth. Smiling, the animals swam in the refilled billabong. All the animals cheered for the cuscus. Sydney was the most beautiful place again thanks to the cuscus.

By Ethan