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Young Carers

Young Carers

Summer time with our Young Carers. This June we met and planted up some orange marigolds and purple 'popstar' flowers. They crafted their planters from recycled tins and party napkins. We also found time to enjoy some board game fun.

It's March:) Almost Mothers day. This month we made cards and creative pictures from cup cake cases. Here are some of their creations.

The Children also felt we needed a group name, so after some sharing of ideas they have decided, we are now known as 'The Marvelous Makers'

After all of our hard work we have proudly received the Young Carers Award!  Ann Giles from Swindon Young Carers came to our school assembly to present it to us.A few of our proud Young Carers.

The Young Carers meet up together every month in school. Its a great chance to have some quality time together to have fun, and to meet other young carers in the school.

This Month- January, we created Dream Catchers- to work towards our aspirations and goals:)