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Primary School

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Who's Who

Seven Fields Primary school           

Staffing Structure


Leadership Team

Mr. D. Cole – Interim Headteacher

Mrs G. Jones – Interim Headteacher

Mrs S. Kershaw – Assistant Headteacher


Early Years Team

Mrs G. Jones – Early Years Team Leader & Nursery Class Teacher


Miss H. Irvine – Pre School Leader

Mrs G. Bird - HLTA (Maternity)

Miss H. Bland – Teaching Assistant

Miss A. Saunders – Teaching Assistant

Mrs K. Golder - Teaching Assistant



Mrs H. Rimmer – Teacher

Mrs S. Nicholls – Nursery Nurse

Miss R. Martin – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Wood – Teaching Assistant

Miss C. Defty – Teaching Assistant

Mrs P. Iles - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Chant - Teaching Assistant


Mrs F. Shafiee – Teacher

Miss B. Mitchell - Teacher

Mrs K. Dunning – Teaching Assistant / Early Years SENCO

Mrs J. Barnikel – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Booker - HLTA


Key Stage 1 Team

Mrs M. Still – Phase Leader & Year 2 Teacher

Mrs G. Wright  – Year 2 Teacher

Mrs F. Crane – Year 1Teacher

Mrs D. Brown – Year 1 Teacher

Mrs A. Welkier - Teaching Assistant

Mrs T. Jefferies – HLTA

Mr. I. Hanks – Teaching Assistant / HLTA / Unqualified Teacher

Miss A. Kendall – Teaching Assistant

Miss S-J. Marchant - Teaching Assistant / HLTA / Unqualified Teacher


Key Stage 2 Team

Mr D. Cole – Headteacher & Year 6 Teacher

Miss A. Peapell – Year 5/6 Teacher & Phase Leader

Mrs S. Muir – Year 6 Teacher & SENCO

Miss E. Roberts – Year 5 Teacher

Mrs E. Orr – Year 5 Teacher

Mrs E. Lane – Year 4 Teacher

Mrs R. Smith – Year 3/4 Teacher & Phase Leader

Mrs T. Keye – Year 3 Teacher

Mrs P. Coulson - HLTA

Mrs S. Embling – HLTA

Mrs C. Sole – Teaching Assistant

Mrs H. Money – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Martin – Teaching Assistant


Safeguarding/Child Protection Team

Mrs S. Kershaw – Safeguarding & Child Protection Officer

Miss H. Bates – Deputy Safeguarding Officer / Family Support Worker


Admin Team

Mrs K. Luker – School Business Manager

Mrs. G. Pearce – Senior Admin Officer

Miss H. Iles – Clerical Assistant


Kitchen Team

Mrs L. Bond – Catering Manager

Miss R. Yates – Assistant Cook

Mrs T. Baker – Catering Assistant

Mrs M. Gibson – Catering Assistant

Mrs A. Miller – Catering Assistant

Mrs M. Magdziorz – Catering Assistant

Mrs S. Goodwin – Catering Assistant


Play Assistant Team

Miss H. Iles – Play Leader

Mrs S. Kyson – Play Assistant

Mrs C. Watkins – Play Assistant

Miss K. Barlow – Play Assistant

Miss B. Winslow – Play Assistant



Mr C. Moran – Caretaker

Mr S. Bown – Mini bus driver


Cleaning Team

Mr C. Moran – Cleaner

Mrs S. Goodwin – Cleaner

Mrs S. Kyson – Cleaner

Mrs M. Ellis – Cleaner

Miss B. Winslow – Cleaner