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Miss Lunn Y1

Welcome to Year 1

Miss Lunn's Class


This term our theme is 'Traditional Tales'. We will be reading and writing about the books 'Little Red Riding Hood' and 'The Gingerbread Man' in English. We will be making Gingerbread towards the end of the term, as well as healthy meals for Red Riding Hood's basket. We will be learning about our senses in Science. 


We have PE on a Thursday morning. It is important that the children bring in PE kits for this.


It is important the children are reading at home on a regular basis. This not only helps their phonic and reading development, but there are great certificates and stickers that can be rewarded at certain stages in the year. 



Our behaviour system explained:

The children all start the day 'on the green'. 

If children do something particularly impressive or helpful they are allowed to move their name up to the *star*. Children on the star get additional treats in the day, such as lining up for lunch and play, or choosing boxes of toys for the class to play with. Children on the star at the end of the day get a small note to let you know they have had a good day.

If children do something that is unkind or are not acting as they should be in school they will be asked to move their name down on to the orange. This acts as a warning, and the children can work back up to the green if they change their behaviour.

If children do not change their behaviour, continue to misbehave, or do something more serious such as refusing to work or hurting a child they will be moved to the red circle. Children on the red circle will miss receive a time out on the day of the incident to discuss what was wrong, and miss a few minutes of their Friday Golden Time to reflect on their behaviour in the week.